Success of Students in Developmental Courses


Applicable to Four-Year Colleges and Universities, Research Universities


According to Section 59-101-350, the Commission is responsible for collecting “the percent and number of students enrolled in remedial courses and the number of students exiting remedial courses and successfully completing entry-level curriculum courses” from four-year institutions to be included in the annual report to the General Assembly.  The following information will be collected from the four-year colleges and universities, but excludes the research universities, as these institutions do not offer these types of courses.


For purposes of counting students who exit developmental courses and successfully complete the appropriate entry level course, a student in more than one developmental course and completing more than one entry level course should be counted once for each developmental courses he/she exits and once for each entry level course he/she completes.  Appropriate entry-level courses for which successful completion is determined will be defined by the developmental instructor as the course for which the student is being prepared.


Number of first-time, full-time entering freshmen enrolled

in Fall 1998

(include first-time freshmen who enrolled either part-time or full-time in the Summer 1998 if they returned full-time in the Fall 1998)


Item (1)

Number of students in Item (1) who were enrolled in one or more developmental courses in Summer or Fall 1998



Item (2)

Number of those students in each developmental course who successfully completed the appropriate entry level course by the end of Spring 2000



Item (3)






Breakdown of Items (2) and (3)

List below the developmental courses taught in Summer and Fall 1998 (combine all sections for each course).  For each course indicate the number of students included in Item (2) above who enrolled; the number who completed the course, and the number who successfully completed the entry level course by the end of Spring Semester 2000.


Course Title

Total Enrollment

Number Exiting Course

Number Exiting Entry-Level Course

R 100