The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to collect, analyze, report and provide data for the enhancement of programs and services and effective decision making.

This office serves as the coordinating base for data-gathering and analyses for internal and external reporting. The mission is achieved through these primary responsibilities:

  • Coordination of University assessment/evaluation activities;
  • Completion of federal and state surveys, reports, and databases as requested or mandated to maintain related funding;
  • Collection, analysis, and dissemination of pertinent information to internal and external entities as appropriate;
  • Development of databases suitable for longitudinal studies and statistical analysis;
  • Preparation of the University Fact Book, University Annual College and Departmental Reports, University Fast Facts and other salient documents;
  • Design and implementation of internal studies related to students, faculty, staff, facilities, equipment, academic programs, academic support services, and fiscal resources;
  • Coordination of other activities in support of planning, assessment, policy formation and decision making;
  • Responding to internal and external request for information; and,
  • o Advising administrative offices interpreting and developing responses to data requests from internal and external entities.